Little Breezy.

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Lacey first sent me this video in 2008. I was in Utah– the only sibling not living at home. I watched this in my college living room a million times and missed little Bradley SO much that I cried (and got embarrassed because Ken was over.)

“Stop throwin all the snow or we won’t have any leftwahhhhh”
And then, after retaliation… “Ah hah hah hahhhh!”

I LOVE that.
Bradley was an unexpected member in our family… did you guess?
I was 16 years old when he was born.
Sometimes people at the store would think he was mine–and I’d let ’em!
Jesse was 8 years old at the time and, like all of us, assumed he would never have younger siblings. He has since resolved to be the best big brother ever.
Evidence: here

This little guy came at a really intense time for our family.
Long story short: God knew we needed Brad, so he took care of it.
He slept through the night right from the start and was a pretty easy baby.
I felt like God was saying (especially to my Mom)
“It’s not that you need to learn how to take care of a baby again…
…but man you need some love.”
Little Brad loved us no matter what, and didn’t seem to notice how hard things were then. Instead, he added a chubby smile of sunshine to everything, and kept us all from going insane.

Documented chub and sunshine is as follows:

Brad1 Brad2 Brad3 Brad5 Brad6 Brad7 Brad8 Brad9 Brad10 Brad4