Sing it friends.

I know I’m supposed to be doing homework and that class starts in an hour but can I just tell you the first two songs that came streamin through my headphones in the library? Because as soon as they did I thought “I have to write about this.” And lately I always shaft writing. But I just can’t do it anymore! Quick break to tell you how much I love this music.

1. Free’ Fallin.

Covered by John Mayer.

Now here’s the thing, no one can rock quite the way Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers rocked this song. This must be understood. Their original version has followed me through my childhood, thanks to my Dad.

However, it must also be stated that no one quite souls-it-out like John Mayer. His cover is beautiful, and has trailed around my college years with that long-to-be-fulfilled feeling. Like turn it up on repeat all the way to Salt Lake. Sing through the dark highway. (And I don’t really mind if John Mayer is actually a mean person that broke up with Taylor Swift. This song is dang good.)

2. Landslide

Mmmmm Stevie Nicks.

Thanks again to my Dad for singin this in the car with me until I learned all the words. Don’t forget, when you’re singin along with the live version, to say “This is for you Daddy,” just like she does. It makes you feel like you know her. But what does this song mean? Even Stevie Nicks can’t give you a straight answer. Sometimes it’s about her Dad, sometimes about Lindsey (she loves him) leaving her, sometimes about Lindsey working so hard for her, sometimes it’s just about mountains and avalanches and trudgin’ on alone. For me it’s moving away to college and wanting my Dad to think I’m cool and every time I let go of something that was hurting even though I had no proof that life still be significant once the hurting was gone. I can’t explain to you all the things this song has meant to me, but I bet you’ll feel your own version of it all if you listen, and that’s the best part.

As Stevie tries to explain what she’s been singin about for years, she says this:

“But see, when I’m really thinking about something — I mean when something’s really bothering me — again, the best thing that I can do is go to the music room, or to the office, where I can write. Because once I put it down and I can read it back, and I can think about what I’m saying, then it makes sense to me. When I’m just thinking it in my head, it’s going around and around, and I feel like a little child unable to make a real, substantial decision. And we were talking about our lives… the rest of our lives.”

I agree.

Other versions of Landslide:

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