I. Will. Write….

I. Will. Write.
I. Love. Write.
I. Speak. Write.
I. Soul. Write.
I. Think. Speak. Soul. Love. Will. Write.

Take it home brothas and sistas.
This woman is back to the scribbles…back to the notebook pages.

This post inspired by Brooke Schultz.
(As well as the phrase ‘brothas and sistas’)

It is not really me to say that phrase, but I’m tryin it out today.

I remember shoppin with my best friend Katie.
We were looking at pretty underwear. (Gasp! Scandal on the blog!)
I decided against this one pair…
“They’re not really me,” I explained.
“You can be whoever you wanna be,” she reminded me.
“Yeah, but I wanna be me.”

It’s a really good feeling to wanna be your own self. I love that feeling.
But she’s right.
Sometimes you can just buy the thing or wear the thing or say the thing that isn’t quite you…
Because maybe it’s like the person you want to be.
Or maybe you just want to try it out… to see if it’s a part of you that you haven’t found yet.
And that’s okay.
We encourage that.
Who am I referring to when I say we?
Me and the general supporters of expanding yourself, that’s who.

Speaking of expanding yourself, this blog thing is very brave.
I forgot how liberating and scary the rush is when you put your raw thoughts out into a public void.
Like hey, here’s what I’m sayin.
Open for criticism. Maybe it’s vain. Maybe it’s ignorant.
Maybe it’s not grammatically correct.
(And now ya’ll we can’t be havin none of that.)

Hey and guess what else?

Ken ken ken ken ken ken!

And the pictures are comin soon, from that lovely lady Brooke up there.
In the mean time, read her words. See her photos.
Perceive her genius.