Who am I?

I am Lyndsi Shae.
But what does that mean? I’m always trying to find out.
For the sake of this page, let’s get literal about it.

My first name means: Of Linden trees by the water.
(Inside, I am geeking out about this.)
Linden trees are sacred in Slavic and German mythology.
People used to hold judicial meetings under Linden Trees in order to restore justice and peace because they were believed to help unearth the truth. These days the wood from Linden trees is used to make sweet super-strat electric guitars. Oh yeahhhh. Amen to all of this.

Shae means hawklike, brave, free, courageous, or (and this is awesome) from the fairy palace.

So if you want to know about me, clearly we need to sit beneath the trees by the water, get brave, commune with the fairies, and unearth the truth. This pretty much sums up my hopes in life. You’re invited.


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