A bit of my brain today.

I really like to draw trees, eyes, hands, and the ocean. Sometimes I like to draw shapes that don’t make sense. Some people call that “abstract” or “modern” or something.

I don’t think it’s any less vain to get plastic surgery than it is to subscribe and religiously follow a blog that promises similar effects from “natural” remedies. I saw a post today called “Botox on a Plate!!” They may be vegetables, but you’re still eating them for your face. Same deal.

I really love cleaning white boards. When I have time at work, I jump for the janitorial closet. It is so freeing to wipe all that mess away.

I don’t understand how to have a “themed” blog. How can you only write about one thing– be it food, fashion, depression, religion … don’t you eventually just want to write about what you thought while you were walking down the sidewalk today? For this reason, I will probably never have a million snappy followers and cutesy give-aways on my blog. I’m not very hip– and I’m not sure how to be hip without squishing my voice.


2 thoughts on “A bit of my brain today.

  1. Odessa Wooten says:

    Love you so much – I know where you get the “many facets of your thoughts” which come all at once….it is really dificult and boring to just think of one thing at a time….so confusing too and a waste of time! It is hard to have a “crazy” Mamaw….but your Mamaw loves you and your writings….I love you and Ken…

  2. Dear Friend,
    Maybe this is why I can’t blog/write lately: The cutesy-hip-giveaway thing just isn’t there for me. I can’t do it. To me, it seems like a giant waste of time. Thank you for this reminder. Here’s to hoping I will accept the fact that I have to create just for me. That’s the number one priority. Otherwise, voice=squished, just like you said. My life does not have a theme. I get bored with themes. Really, really quickly. And then I get frustrated because people tell me it’s wrong that I can’t stick with just one idea. But what if I have lots of ideas? What if I want to have lots of sections to my life and simultaneously be working on all of them? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

    All in all, thanks. You never fail to ground me, to bring me back to where I need to be.
    Which is just me. Just Claire. Nothing fake or forced.
    I love that you are always unapologetically Lyndsi Shae.

    I would like to be with you soon.

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